Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Last news: exhibitions in Italy and Belarus, showcase in Malaysia etc.

The journey of my projects continues.

It's great pleasure to see "Recall" as a part of the exhibition "Fab 30", which is included in the Bitume Photofest program. Open from 12 to 27 September in Lecce, Italy.

Also this project was exhibited in Metro Coyoacán, Mexico (August, “De la Memoria y el Olvido”). This September the last copy of the photobook "Recall" goes to Amsterdam. It will be presented by FotoDepartament at Unseen Book market 2014.

My project "To grow from the grass I love" was presented as a part of Asian Women Photographers' Showcase (curated by Yumi Goto) at Obscura festival, Malaysia.

Group exhibition "We-ll-temed" including installation "Lookbook" goes to the festival "Month of Photography in Minsk", Belarus (3—15 October).

Finally, some pictures from "Lookbook" are exhibited in Kazan now (till 19th September, "Institute. Production").